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Nocturnal is an abstract, acrylic painting I completed in August 2022. I created this space-themed, energy-filled landscape with a glowing core that draws the viewer into the center of the piece. Nocturnal’s main feature is a freestyle motion that spans across painting, tying in both elements and leaving a lot to be interpreted. 90% of my time was spent mixing paints, preparing the canvas, masking and doing digital renders to plan the overall composition. However, I feel the interesting part of my artwork relies on a single moment of focused effort. After several attempts on practice canvases, I build up the muscle memory to finally attempt this freestyle motion on the prepared space canvas. My brain shuts off, and my body becomes one with my utensil. Since every muscle movement critically effects the overall composition, I will only attempt the movement when I’m prepared and in a flow state. I’m most proud of my work when I’m pursuing something new, when I’m pushing the boundaries of my technique.

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