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Contemplation of Truth - 2D
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"There is nothing more blinding to the weak than the glare of truth. Revealing truth is usually met with strong opposition, no matter if it is by the person seeking it, or a person/party you are trying to enlighten with it. Just about 2,400 years ago Plato wrote down a discussion between his brother (Glaucon) and his teacher (Socrates) in the 7th Book of his “Republic” which is titled “The Allegory of the Cave”. (Please do our society a favor and read this book!!!!!!!!) As a young adult I began studying and relating the teachings in this book to my life. I soon realized the phrase “ignorance is bliss” has become the motto of our society, and that most people stroll through our collective experience clinging to the convenient stories displayed in front of them, instead of braving through the blinding light of truth. This painting depicts the cavernous solitude one faces on the path towards truth and enlightenment combined with reminders of what happened to those who have braved it before us. Below the precipice is the carved head of Socrates, and to the left of the seated figure is the empty cross of Christ. Both Socrates and Jesus were condemned to death for acting as stinging gad flies on the side of their societies convenient perceptions. Through out time there have been countless martyrs killed in their quest to free the masses of their ignorance including Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Leon Trotsky. Unfortunately society rewards those of us who help propagate it’s existence and persecutes those who aim to raise awareness of truth. We are currently living in a time where the “woke” are organizing and striving for real positive change, so now more than ever it’s important we don’t focus our energy on persecuting those we aim to enlighten and instead lead with understanding, and guidance. Admitting our faults, accepting change, and practicing patience with those of us who are still to dazzled by the shadows on the wall to see the truth in the light is our path through the dark. “You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”!"

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