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The Power of Colors Dealing with colors is a challenge within the fine arts. The various shades allow each artist infinite dialogue possibilities, leaving open countless visual games of the most diverse natures. It is true that each color provides great power on their own, but it is also possible to combine them in diverse impacting ways. Gui Calil draws on colors in imaginative ways. A common feature of his works in acrylic on canvas is their aesthetics and poetry, established on exploring the freedom provided by space, related to his work tools. Each work has something to communicate, displaying a specific relationship with reality. It is as if each new canvas dialogue with the viewer in a unique manner, but within a greater project, where one of purposes is to allow and encourage emotions to surface. At the first moment, the impact is what counts. It is impossible not to react to what Gui Calil features. His proposal to justify a dialogue between what he creates and what the viewer observes, is successful, and this first moment is key to generating empathy between the creator, the conceived object and the audience. Thereafter, we find ourselves thinking about how the artist uses the available resources to obtain the desired effect. It is worthwhile to think about the way the pieces are created, as it always provides a surprising effect, at the same time keeping elements common to all of the pieces. The paintings function as a great family. There are blood bonds between them, but also great differences in atmosphere and personality. Each painting requires an individual observation, however, this does not prevent a global overview, as a common trait of quality artwork is that they are capable of generating thought units that revolve around some concept or idea. The work of Gui Calil is impressive as a whole as it features a wide repertoire of colors, moving over a range that is able to provide a unique insight each time they are pondered. This means that his pieces are not tainted with sameness, but expand the creative spectrum at each glance. Therefore, his art maintains its freshness and indicates even more daring journeys for the near future.

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