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Big, Dirty, & Deep - 2D
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The painting was created in honor of three iconic pillars of the New York hip-hop scene. Light is streaming through the clouds of the upper right side of the canvas and coming between the pillars of the Brooklyn Bridge creating a dramatic heaven like backdrop for the presentation of the subjects. Biggie Smalls is located at the center foreground of the painting with O.D.B. (Ol' Dirty Bastard) appearing over his right shoulder, and Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) to the bottom right side of the foreground creating the main stage of the subject. Each of these iconic figure is adorned with 23k gold leafing to create their chains also being found in the braids and teeth of O.D.B, and Biggies Versace Sunglasses. You can also find Platinum backed Swarovski crystals in Biggies sunglasses and O.D.B's grill spelling out DIRT. The mid-ground of the piece shows the walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge with the suspension lines creating a grid patter that helps draw the viewers eye around the painting. The floor of the walkway is done in pure Platinum with oil paint to create the look of a wet walkway, also giving the viewer the appearance of the figures walking on water. the walkway is light by street laps backed with 23k Gold adding to the dramatic heaven like scene.

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